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May 2, 2006- Dang people guess what we're two months away from an aniversery!!! YEA!!! Well the update I have to give you is the chat room it ROCKS!
March 8, 2006-
Hey people we owe Emily a big thanks. She came to my resque other wise this site wouldn't actully be here. Don't send me marriages until like May then I'll do em. But as for right now I can't do em. So start sending stuff in then. TTUL PEPS.
February 4, 2006- *Distorted Shadow pops from behind a corner* AH!  You found me! >.<  What will I do!
Okay.  Are you wondering why Kristy, I, is acting so weird?
Well, it`s because I am not Kristy.
No, I am not a hacker either.  In fact, the new year has brought a new staff!  I am her new partner webmistress.  You can just call me Em.
I`ll be helping with the requests, graphics, layouts, and more!  I am working on one for you guys [And Kris] right now.  Everybody calls me the *HTML* Expert or the Computer Wiz. So Kristy came to me, I guess? < - Ha! That sounds like I am some Guru or something.
Anyways, the updates I did don't include much.  Maybe a new layout and some text rearrangements? ...I must be tired.  Well, have a great day.  Suggestions? Talk to Kristy.  Whenever you see purple text, that's me! (Purple is my second favorite color.)
Talk to me if you have any suggestions as well! <3
December 21 2005- Hey everyone because I've been told by people I need to "update the update section" here it is. So much is going on! Some dry humor in the credits believe it or not under Meghan. Also I added a sort of confusing section called BECOME AN INUYASHA FAN GIRL! With that I will be have you be interactive when it comes to "marring characters, submitting fanart and fanfiction and something I like to call on going story" Thanks again to those who have become recent members. =)
November 27 2005- Ok because I couldn't fit everything I wanted to on this site I added Version 2. Check it out! I NEED HELP If you have any idea's at all that would help my site out in anyway shape or from please email me. I have had over 10000 page views so help me out PLEASE!!!
November 5 2005- NEW LAYOUT!!! I even customized it for you guys! It was a bear to do though. So this might be all I do today but don't forget to check out the forum page I LOVE IT!!! Thank you and I'm having a good day! YES!!!
October 28 2005- Hey everybodys it's been 20 days since we last talked so so so srry I didn't have my computer for like 3 weeks grrrrr. Anyway lots of new stuff I just went to town. Check out the humor section you'll see a poll try it out. Along with some cool stuff in the news and gosip area. I added two pages to the whole thing "Answers" and "Inuyasha's father" check em out!
October 8 2005- Hey everybody sorry about the slow updates but i got it done! Well at least the bigger stuff. I took down some of the funny pictures but it still looks awsome. And I added one ask the character by request!!! KEEP SENDING THEM IN!!! Have a great day.
July 16 2005- Hey everybody I added more pictures and different things here and there. I'm in the process of getting some fanart but even though I don't tell you some updates they are there because I work on the site everyday so I'll see about some fanart.

July 12, 2005- I created a Jerry Springer part of the site so go check it out and I have more pictures and waiting for emails.

July 11, 2005- Okay more pictures and some updates to the ask the characters. Kind of lame for an update.

Friday July 08, 2005- This is the sites birthday!!!  I have just created Inuyasha Fan Girl Online. So if you find anything offensive please contact me and I will do everything with in my power to correct it. I did have some trouble picking a layout if you disapprove then please let me know and WHY you would disapprove. If I don't see any reason for changing it, I WON'T IT'S MY CHOICE don't get me wrong---I will try my hardest to please everyone. Thank you for comming and please send feed back.