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Views on Inuyasha's father

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Hey everyone the truth I've found about Inuyasha's father

The Name
Inu no Taisho:
This name floats around ALOT for Inuyasha's father. But it is not his name at all. Inu no Taisho litterately means "Leader of the Dogs" which instead of a name is a title.
For the past year I really thought that this was his real name because I saw it everywhere. That is actually a shortend version of Inu no Taisho (see above) which is a title. It originated from a fanfiction and spread from there. This is the second most common name used for him.
After my horrible mistake of thinking that yes Inutaisho was his name I came to wonder who Tounga was. After a little research I found that Tounga is the same person as Inutaisho. Tounga means "Fighting Fang" which would make you think that it fits right? Wrong. The truth behind this one is confusing. It was used on the Japenise Trailers for a while but was never used anywhere else. Tounga in my opion could still be a posible name for the future but for present day is not used. This name isn't even used in Fanfiction mush less anywhere else.
Inu Papa:
I don't care if they come out and say his real name is Mr. Fluffykins (which wouldn't fit and isn't right at all) I will still call Inuyasha's father Inu Papa just because I'm human and humans are the most greedy and arogant creatures on the face of this earth. (where have i heard this before) I love this name and believe it or not the Japenese cast of Inuyasha does too. Inuyasha (or Kappei Yamaguchi), Kikyou (or Noriko Hidaka), Sesshoumaru (or Ken Narita), and Jaken (or Juuichi Nagashima) where all calling him Inu chichi. Inu chichi in Englsh translates into a rough Inu Papa.
Inuyasha's dad has no real name we all call him either by his title or by a play name someone created up. I will always call him INU PAPA just because I'm stuborn you can do what you want to with his name but until the Inuyasha manga/series/movies say otherwise i can call him what i want to.
The Story
Inu-Papa's story begins with him and his sweetheart Izoyia (Inuyasha's mom) Izoyia was a princess and it was extremely frowned upon for her to have a baby with a demon and especially when they weren't married. Inu-Papa found out one of the men in her village was going to kill her. He was already wounded from a previous battle but he still went to save her. He got there like 5 seconds to late, but he used his sword to revive her. He fought the man who did that to him while Izoyia carring Inuyasha ran for dear life. Both of the men died so Inuyasha grew up not knowing his daddy.

Inuyaha's Father

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