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This is the semi famous Inuyasha. He is hot headed, tempermental, and judgemental-- kind of like another Kouga, only Dog. Anyway his ex-girl friend (Kikyou) fixed him to a tree untll her reincarnation (Kagome) released him. He has his father's sword that can kill 100 men in one swing, while his brother (Sesshomaru) has his fathers other sword that can revive 100 men in one swing. So if Inuyasha kills, Sesshoumaru can make up for it. Inuyasha is traveling with Kagome, Shippo, Miroku, and Sango.
Age: about 200 since in the third movie Myouga says that his father died the night he was born 200 years ago making him 200 years of age.


Kagome is a sixteen year old girl who can sence the jewel shards and chanced opon Inuyasha world by accidently falling through a well. When she did she released Inuyasha from his fixed position on a certain tree. She broke the jewel and thus started there journey. So she meets Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Inuyasha. Now there all on a journey to find the jewel shards and kill Naraku.
Age: 15


This is Kikyou.  She is Inuyasha's ex-girlfriend and died, but was revived and living once more.  She now wishes soley to kill Naraku and die again.  She is a very good preistess.
Kikyou is now dead.
(Emm- YAY!)
Age: No one really knows so I'm not even gonna guess.


Many people I'm sure if you asked them would say that Miroku is the hottest monk around. I think he is a Lech and a Perv. at times becasue he gropes Songo. Other then that he has a crused hand. Meaning his hand is like a void that he can open and close. It sucks everyting in and once it's in it's in for good. But one day that void called a wind tunnel will suck him in too.
Age: about 18


Kirara is Sango's companion she has been though it all with Songo through thick and thin. She and Kirara are in combat togther alot and Kirara flys Songo around everywhere along with the rest of the gang. She can also transform into a smaller cat like demon.
Age: Mabe a bit younger then Inuyasha so about 150.


Sango is a demon slayer who travels with a half demon and two other demons ;) Ya I know it's a little wierd but hay I didn't make this stuff up. She has her big bommerange like thing that she swings around and can slice alot of demons in half at one time. She is very brave and puts up with alot for more information on what she puts up with read about Mirouku.
Age: about 18


This is the adorable, cute, trouble causeing, Shippo. Shippos Dad died so now he travels with Inuyasha and is allways seen with them. His main attach is Fox Fire which doesn't really do much but it's cute :). Any way he gets hit on the head by Inuyasha alot and after that Kagome "sits" Inuyasha if you would like more explaintion read under Inuyasha or Kagome.
Age: 50's we know this because in one episode Inuyasha is talking about 50 years ago and says to Shippo "You were just a little pup then".


Kouga, my imagineary boyfriend,  is the hansome, hot, hot headed, tempermental, wolf leader. He has two jewel shards in his knees and can run at speads any normal being couldn't even dream of.  He and his tribe run into Inuyasha and the gang and they get into a big fight until Kouga finds out that Kagome can sence the jewel shards. Then he kidnaps her and makes her find the jewels for him. She protests alot but then agrees. After she doesn't sence the shards he, out of the blue, disides that he loves her and claims her as his woman. So... Inuyasha gets jelous and all hell breaks lose one more time. Now everytime Inuyasha sees Kouga they get into a fight most of the time ending with Kouga calling Inuyasha muttface or dogface and Inuyasha calling Kouga a scranny little wolf.
Age: Either as old as Inuyasha or older which would put him at 200 years or older.


This is Ginta and Hakaku. There are Kouga's best friends and part of his pack. They go everywhere with him. That is if they can keep up. There are helping him kill Naraku. Which is not a easy task. They call Kagome their Sister because Kouga says that she is his woman which is not completely true but hey if you want to know more about that look up Kouga.
Age: About like Kouga and Inuyasha so about 200 or less.


Rin is the only human that Sesshoumau even thinks about protecting otherwise he basicly hates all humans. But Rin is a carefree child that was abused along time ago. She is very inosent and carefree but folows orders right away and with out fail.
Age: about 7 or 8


Sesshoumau is the half brother of Inuyasha on his Father's side. Sesshoumau is cold hearted most of the time except when it comes to a little girl named Rin. Sesshoumaru isn't what you would call a enimy in the show just an obstical. He and Inuyasha fight alot as in every time they see each other. Most of the words we get from Sesshoumaru are only ones that have to be said other wise he seems cold and silent.
Age: at least 500


Naraku is the evil **** (insert your favorite word here) of the show. Everyone wants him dead. Even the people who "work" for him want him dead so theres not much else I can say.
Age: Don't even ask me.



Myouga is a flee demon. He was inuy Taisho's (Inuyasha father) servant. He gave usful information to Inu Taisho and now is Inuyasha servant. But because he is a flee demon he runs away alot so many times the gang is on there own.
age: We don't know Myouga age but I would guess it's over 1,000 years old.

Okay people if you want to see just how stupid people can be please read this. I revied an email regaurding this portion of my site saying that I WAS WRONG  on ALL of the ages. Now last time I checked in EVERY movie and in the first episode at least it says Kagome is fifteen and I have reason for all of my other estamates as well listen to this.
"Subject: Character Bios
all of your ages are worng!"
If you sent me this I encourage you to look under the FAQ and under the "Answers" sections of the site for proof yes SOME of the ages are estamates BUT they all have been thought about carefully.




Jaken is Sesshoumaru's servant. Sesshoumaru saved him and now he thinks he owns his whole life's work to his lord (Sesshoumaru). He thinks that no one can beat Sesshoumaru at anything which Seshoumaru does seem to think himself so we'll see later on in the story.
Age: There is no way of knowing on this one.

If any of the cast members has a web site dedicated to just them, I might include a link to it here.