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Jerry Springer

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What would happen if the gang went on Jerry Springer.

Inuyasha wishes to express his feelings tword Kagome but Kikyou always gets in the way. Kikyou on the other had thinks that she and Inuyasha should be together so he invites Kagome to see the three of them on the show.
Kagome see's Inuyasha with Kikyou and is very quiet. Kikyou see's Kagome in the room and jumps on her. Inuyasha trys to  break up the fight but Steve gets there first. Kikyou yells someting along the lines of you b***. Kagome yells back and Jerry goes to a break. After the break Jerry asks Inuyasha who he loves and he says Kagome. Jerry asks Kagome who she loves and she says Inuyasha. Jerry then confused asks Kikyou why she gets in the way of this and she says she'll stop as long as Kagome quits cheating on Inuyasha with Kouga. Jerry asks Kagome if this is true and Kagome says no. Jerry then invites Kouga onto the set and Kouga and Inuyasha fight untill the police get there and take everyone away.
Sango only wishes that Miroku would stop grabbing her ass. She is considering a restraining order but she still loves him. Miroku wants Sango to just deal with it. Sango also has admitted that Miroku cheats on her.  Jerry has invited the two to come to the show.
Sango is talking to Jerry and telling him about how Miroku asks other women to bear his children and publicly humiliates her. Jerry brings out Miroku. Miroku says he only wants what every man should have the rights to. He only wants to talk to other women. Jerry brings out a totally random women and Miroku askes the women to bear his children and Sango nearly kills him. Jerry goes to a break. After the Break Jerry gets Miroku to apoligise to both women. (a first for the show) The other women comes up to Sango and says that he asked her that because Sango isn't good enough. Both Sango and Miroku try to beat up this chick. Steve carries the chick out and Jerry runs out of time on the show.