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Things never to do to the Inuyasha gang.

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Things not to do to the Inuyasha gang.

1. Tell him Kagome ran off with Kouga.
2. Remind him that Kikyou is literatly a pot.
3. Tell him that he was dating something most people call a drug. (pot)
4. Tell him that Shippo is a girl.
5. Tell him Miroku wants to do it with him.
6. Take his sword away.
7. Give his sword to his brother.
8. Tell him Miroku got Kikyou or Kagome pregnant.
9. Lock him in a room with Kouga, Sesshoumaru, or Hojo.
10. Tell him Kagome ran off with Hojo.
11. Tell him Kikyou ran off with Naraku.
12. Make Naraku live forever.
13. Tell Kouga that there is a jewl shard deep within him.
14. Make him give up Kagome to Kouga.
15. Make both Kagome and Kikyou kiss him within the same hour and tell him to choose between them.
16. Make him be gay.
17. Make him live in Kagome's time.
18. Make him do his own drinking game.
19. Have all of his enemies whip his butt.
20. Have Kagome sit him until kindom come oh wait she allready does.
1. Make her go with Kouga instead of Inuyasha.
2. Make he have an F in every subject.
3. Loose the jewlshards.
4. Make her marry Kouga.
5. Make her read every Kagome pairing besides Inu/Kag.
6. Lock her in a room with Kouga.
7. Lock her in a room with Hojo.
8. Lock her in a room with Naraku.
9. Lock her in a room with Miroku.
10. Tell her she has 10 minutes to discide to be with Inu Yasha or go to the future.
11. Take her clothes while she's bathing.
12. Tell her Inu Yasha is on drugs.
13. Give her a dictionary and tell her she has a test over it in 2 minutes starting now.
14. Give her a pet dog to chase Buyou.
15. Show her a picture of Orlando Blume and tell her she has to choose between him and anyone on the show.
16. Put her in bed with Kouga.
17. Don't let her take a bath for a month.
18. Give her a computer and tell her she has 1 minute to pass a computer test making her build one.
19. Move her to America.
20. But her in a bikini and, let all the boys of the series stare at her.
1. Lock him in a small room with ten angry women.
2. Make Sango gay.
3. Tell him that the wind tunnel is gone and watch as he sucks himself in as he looks at it.
4. Give him one day to find a women to have his child before he dies.
5. Make him where a condom forever.
6. Make him gay.
7. Kill Sango.
8. Give him internet.
9. Put him in a straight jacket in a white room for the rest of his life without wemon.
10. Take his glove.
11. Send him to Naraku.
12. Put him in the hands of a stripper.
13. Make him watch as Sango marries someone else.
14. Cut off his d*ck.
15. Put him in a room with people who feel sorry for Sango.
16. Put him a room with me. lol

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